From Chance to Choice От случайности к выбору

  • The Human Genome Project

  • Проект Геном человека

  • St Austell

  • 22 October 2002

The Birthmark Родимое пятно by Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Perfection?

  • Science - Fantasy or Reality?

  • Risky Business?

  • Consequences - gambling with our future or securing a better future?

GATTACA Columbia Pictures

  • ‘We now have discrimination down to a science’

  • ‘Различает нас современная наука или дискриминирует?’

  • ‘There is no gene for the human spirit’

  • ‘Нет гена кодирующего душу человека’

Assisted Reproductive Technology Всспомогательные репродуктивные технологии

  • Continuous development of new technologies

    • To try and improve ART
    • Expand availability of treatment

ART - some facts ВРТ – некоторые факты

  • In the year 2000 there were about 572,800 ‘natural’ live births and 4,362 live births following ART: that is 0.76%

  • There are 68 clinics in the UK - over 95% of people pay for their treatment

Is the choice safe? Безопасен ли выбор?

  • Research and Development

    • Rarely established in other species
    • Often first try with human embryos
    • Few controlled randomised trials
    • Not sure if beneficial/long term effects

Choosing your Child Выбери себе ребенка

  • Defining ‘disease’ and ‘disability’

  • Pre-implantation genetic selection ‘diagnosis’

  • Genetic ‘enhancement’ of embryos - why not?

    • patenting and commercialisation

HFEA - Research Licence HFEA-Исследовательская лицензия

  • Advances in infertility treatment

  • Knowledge about congenital disease

  • Knowledge about causes of miscarriage

  • Contraception

  • PGD

  • Knowledge about embryo development

  • Knowledge about serious disease

  • Developing treatment for serious disease

The Cloning Issue Проблемы клонирования

  • Does this present any greater unknown than the other ‘treatments’?

    • Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine 1997 (UK not signatory)
      • Suggested ban on
        • Cloning (human reproductive ban)
        • Sex Selection (except X linked diseases)
        • Creating embryos for research

Stem Cell Research Исследования стволовых клеток

  • Patient consent for research - for any use, altruistic?

  • Using ‘Spare’ embryos - why not?

  • Creating embryos for research

  • Cloning embryos for research

From Chance to Choice? От Случайности к Выбору?

  • Where do we want to go from here? Куда мы захотим пойти дальше?