Заполните пропуски предлогами.1. There are a lot___ trees___front__the house.2.You can't park the car ____a street corner3. Please put the date ____the top right-hand corner ____the page.4."Could you show me the way____ the underground station?""I'm just going there. Come___ me.” “Oh, thank you. Is it a long walk___ here?” “No, it's just___ the corner.”5. Please don't forget to post my letter___ the way back.6. There's a beautiful monument standing____ the middle____the square.7. There aren't many people____ the square___ the moment.8. There's a garage_____ the side____ the house.9. "Excuse me, who are you waiting ____?" "Mr Clark. Hewanted to talk___ me."​

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