Choose the correct answer, a, b, c, or d. 1 We ___ American. a not b not are c aren’t d isn’t 2 ___ this magazine before? a Do you read b Are you going to read c Are you reading d Have you read 3 This is our new teacher. ___ name is Mark. a His b Her c Its d He 4 He ___ the newspaper every day. a read b reads c doesn’t reads d don’t reads 5 Is Mont Blanc ___ mountain in Europe? a the higher b the most highest c the more high d the highest 6 British people ___ tea with milk. a to drink b drink c drinks d are drink 7 ___ you like Chinese food? a Do b Does c Are d Is 8 It’s my ___ computer. a parents b parents’ c parent d parent’s 9 Could we ___ the bill, please? a take b want c have d ask 10 The people ___ in room 12. a is b am c are d be 11 It’s ten ___ seven. a to b for c at d in 12 I ___ to classical music. a never to listen b listen never c never listen d don’t never listen 13 Would you like ___ coffee? a other b another c some other d more one 14 I haven’t ___ this photo before. a see b saw c to see d seen 15 I can’t see. Where are my ___? a glasses b stamps c keys d lipsticks 16 I like ___ in the morning. a that I work b working c work d to be work 17 Thanks for ___. a all b the all c everything d all things 18 ‘Was Debussy from France?’ ‘Yes, ___.’ a he were b was c there were d he was 19 I’m Italian. ___ family are from Venice. a Our b My c Her d Me 20 What ___ do tomorrow? a are you going b you going c are you going to d do you go to 21 Can I pay ___ credit card? a by b in c on d with 22 This isn’t my money. It’s ___. a to you b the yours c your d yours 23 Tonight’s dinner is ___ than last night’s. a more good b gooder c better d more better 24 They didn’t ___ the tickets. a booking b booked c to book d book 25 They’re ___. a bigs cars b cars bigs c big cars d bigs car 26 ___ the time? a What’s b What is it c What d What it is 27 She ___ to the gym every day. a gets b goes c has d does 28 I ___ do my homework last night. a not could b didn’t can c couldn’t d can’t 29 There ___ telephone in my hotel room. a wasn’t a b weren’t a c weren’t any d wasn’t some 30 He ___ playing the piano. a are b does c is d has 31 He ___ jeans. a doesn’t usually wear b isn’t usually wearing c wears usually d doesn’t wear usually 32 I ___ my new job last week. a have begun b began c am begin d begin 33 There isn’t ___ pasta in the kitchen. a some b many c a d any 34 She ___ to cook for her boyfriend. a isn’t going b isn’t go c aren’t going d doesn’t go 35 The elephant is ___ land animal in the world. a the bigger b the most big c biggest d the biggest 36 ___ yesterday? a You studied b Did you studied c Did you study d Studied you 37 James would like ___ basketball. a playing b to play c play d to playing 38 I always ___. a work hard b hard work c hardly work d work hardly 39 We ___ to Canada. a haven’t be b hasn’t been c hasn’t be d haven’t been 40 He ___ follow instructions. a doesn’t can b not can c isn’t can d can’t

Ответ:Объяснение:1c  2d  3a  4b 5d  6b  7a  8b  9c  10c  11a   12c  13b  14d  15a  16b  17c  18d  19b 20c 21a 22d  23c  24d 25c  26a  27b  28c 29a 30c 31a 32b 33d 34a 35d 36c 37b 38d 39d 40d

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