Спасите плиз халявные 14 баллов Нужно соединить буквы с цифрами. 1. I’m helping Helen choose her wedding dress on Saturday. 2. Do bats live in caves? 3. Carl is always interrupting me. 4. She often goes to the gym on Friday. 5. Bill and Bob are repairing the cottage roof at the moment. 6. The evening performance starts at nine o'clock. 7. The black car stops in front of the bank and three suspicious looking men get out of it. 8. The rate of unemployment is decreasing slowly. A) Timetable or programme. B) Fixed arrangement in the near future. C) Repeated or habitual action. D) General truth or law of nature E) Expressing annoyance about a frequently repeated action. F) Action happening at or around the moment of speaking. G) Changing or developing action. H) Sports commentary, review or narration.

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