Сократите текст!!! 5-10 предложений?!!! пожалуйстаааWe are at Alexander's flat. Alexander and his friends are deciding which places of interest they are going to visit during their winter holidays. Alexander: We are leaving Moscow for St Petersburg by train on January 3rd at night. At about 5 am we are arriving in St Petersburg and taking a coach to Helsinki. In Helsinki we are having lunch, a tour of the historical centre of the city and free time. Jane: Any suggestions on how to spend the free time? Nora: Going shopping! Shopping streets are Aleksanterinkatu and Esplanadi. They are connected to Senate Square. Alexander: At 5 pm we are moving to Stockholm in the luxurious ferry Sumphony. Nora is telling her friends about this 14-deck ferry, its cabins,lounges, restaurants and cafes, shops and entertainments. It is famous for its Promenade, luxurious suites with a bathroom, tax-free shops,600-seat restaurant "Buffet"(or smorgasbord) with a fantastic choice of dishes, spa salons, night clubs and bars, a swimming pool,cinema and even a helicopter deck! Alexander: At 9:30 am we are in Stockholm where we are visiting the Royal Palace,Drama Theatre, City Hall,Cathedral, Old Town and many other attractions. Stockholm is one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world with around 100 museums. At 5 pm we are leaving Stockholm for Helsinki and back to St Petersburg and Moscow. Peter:Excellent. I think we are going to have a very interesting trip.​

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