Оченьсрочно 8 Complete the dialogues with the correct negative orinterrogative past simple form of the verbs in brackets.1 A1(you/go) to the cinema last night?B No. I 2(go) in the end. I got homefrom work so late that there 3(be)enough time.2 A They announced the winners of the art competitionyesterday.(you/win) a prize?B No I 5(win) anything, but I 6(expect) to. I'm not very goodat art.3A 7(David / tell) you his news whenyou spoke to him yesterday?B No, he 8_(say) much-just helloand goodbyeA Well, he 9(pass) his exams. Maybehe 10(want) you to know.​

you spoke to him yesterday?   - No, he doesn't say much, just hello and goodbye.   -  Well, he does passed his exams. Maybe he wanted you to know.Удачи!

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