Помогитееее умоляю прошу пожалуйстааааа перевод​

Помогитееее умоляю прошу пожалуйстааааа перевод​

Translate into English: 1) Each country has its own national holidays, but there are also holidays that are common to many countries. 2) There are holidays in Russia that celebrate some important events in our history, for example, Victory Day, Constitution Day, Day of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation Recently 3)Russians again began to celebrate religious holidays - Christmas and Easter. 4) Specifically, the English Banking holidays are introduced by parliamentary act in 1871. 5)They are celebrated four times in on Easter Monday, on Spirits Day, on the first Monday of August and December 26. 6) In addition to public holidays, the British observe certain traditions on such days: pancakes (OC. Tuesday), Guy Fawkes Night. Valentine's Day, April Fool's Day7) The US Constitution does not provide for national holidays. 8) Many states have their own holidays, but there are also main holidays to be celebrated in almost all of the USA.9) The main holiday in the USA is Independence Day, celebrated on July 4th. 10)Thanksgiving Day is a family feast with a large traditional dinner that includes Turkey and pumpkin pie.

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