Read the text. Leonardo is 16 years old. He lives in the city of Valencia in Spain. Every year he goes to La Tomantina Festival in Bunol, a town near Valencia. The festival is on the last Wednesday in August, when everyone comes into the main square to throw tomatoes at each other. Before the fun begins, people cover the shop windows with plastic. Leonardo always wears his oldest clothes, so he does not get his best clothes dirty. He also always puts his camera in a plastic bag to keep it clean. In the morning, trucks arrive in the main square, the Plaza del Pueblo, bringing more than 100,000 kilos of tomatoes. The fight begins at 11 o'clock and always lasts for two hours. At exactly 1 o'clock everyone stops. They never throw tomatoes after 1 o'clock. They then usually spend the rest of the day cleaning themselves and the town! In the evening, Leonardo usually watches the fireworks, eats the local food and sometimes joins in the dancing. Are these sentences right or wrong? Example: 0. Leonardo is sixteen. Right 1 Leonardo comes from Bunol. _______2 The festival is at the beginning of August. _______3 Leonardo never wears his best clothes to the festival. _________4 Everyone buys tomatoes from a local shop. ____________5 The fight usually lasts for more than two hours. _________6 The next day everyone cleans the streets. ___________7 Leonardo always watches the fireworks. __________8 Leonardo sometimes dances. ____________ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!! А ТО Я В ДЕРЬМЕ!!!​

1 wrong2 wrong3 right4 wrong5 wrong6 wrong7 right8 right

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