Помогите пожалуйста или меня убьют

Помогите пожалуйста  или меня убьют

Задание 11.My family is not at home./My family is at home.2. Sasha is tall./Sasha is not tall.3.You are large/You aren't large (не уверена)4.Mr.Brown is a teacher/Mr.Brown is not a teacher. 5.His dog is under the tree/His dog isn't under the tree. Задание 21.I am a student. 2.My eyes are brown.3.There are many cinemas in the city.4. My parents are sixty.5.Are your sister at home.?6.Our family is small.Задание 31.Lena is slimmer .6. Crocodiles have sharp teeth.7.I want a small room. This is too large.Задание 41.I do sums well.2.Shoe works at a hospital. 3.The sun often shines all day in summer.4.My mother goes to the shop.Задание 51.Where do they eat lunch ? When do they eat lunch?2.When do you study English? Where do you study English ?3. When does she write letters? Where does she write letters?4.Where do students play basketball? When do students play basketball?5. Where does my friend play chess? When does my friend play chess?6.Where do we study engineering? When do we study engineering?Задание 61.She washed her hands and face.2.We invited Liz to stay with us in our house. 3. Do you know that man?Yes, I know him.4.That is his book. Give it to him.5.Peter likes to eat. His breakfast is always big.6. This bag is heavy. What is there in it?7.Look at them! They are playing like kids.8. Are you a teacher?No, I am not. 9. They live in the country. Their house isn't big, but it is comfortable. 10.Jeans always stay in fashion. People like them.

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