Mobile phones (1) _____ different things to different people. (to mean) The information about who uses them (2) ______ of great interest to the companies that produce them. (to be) One leading manufacturer (3) _______ customers into the following categories. (to divide) First,there are the 'rational' buyers who (4) _______ their phones for e-mail and internet access,as well as making calls (to use) The second category,the so-called 'stylish', (5) ______ more attention to its style and appearance (to pay)

Ответ:meanisdividesusespaysОбъяснение:mean (мобильные телефоны мн. число, поэтому без "s")is ( информация .... ед. число, поэтому be -> is)divides (одна ведущая фабрика ....ед. число, поэтому +"s")uses (...кто...ед. число, поэтому +"s")pays (вторая категория...ед. число, поэтому +"s"))

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