Помогите, срочно!!!!!!! Read the text below and choose the correct letter A, B or C for each space 13-20. Mark your answers on your answer sheet. The image of the White House is represented in a 20-dollar banknote. However, it's itemised in the list of top US attractions for (13) reason. First of all, the White House is a symbol of the American nation and the strength of the US president's power. It's (14) for more than two centuries that the White House serves as an attribute of the nation's might. The classical architecture of the building is rather neat though elegant. The cornerstone on the official residence of (15) presidents was laid on October, 13, 1792 in Washington D. C. at the address of Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600. The site for the building was chosen by the first president of the country George Washington who also acted (16) a co-designer of the building. Unfortunately, Washington himself was deprived (17) the possibility to be the first inhabitant of the White House as by the end of the process of building it the country (18) already governed by its second president John Adams. There exist several versions about why the White House is called this way. One of the most popular says that the building got its name after it had been (19) white in 1814 to liquidate the aftermath of the fire. Anyway, the name was officially confirmed only in 1901. In the 20th century the building was reconstructed and redecorated several times. Nowadays it's a (20) building containing 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms and three elevators. Almost all the rooms excluding the private ones of the President and his family are opened to the public. Надо вставить эти слова: other been us like the other being the US as another got usa with of on at has been rebuilt six-storeyed had been covered six-storeys was painted sex-stories

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