Помогите пожалуйста Change the sentences using reported speech.1. Where are you going?-asked Tom.2. Where are you going to spend the holiday? - asked Mike.3. What will you do when you leave school? -said Jenifer.4. How did you know my name? - asked the doctor.5. Do you have an appointment? - said the clerk.6. Have you seen my car keys? - said Bernard to his wife.7. Why didn't Isabel call me? - asked her brother.8. Will you carry my briefcase for me please, James?-said Richard.9. When can I see the doctor?-Charles asked the receptionist.

1 Tom asked where I was going.2 Mike asked where I was going to spend the holiday.3 Jennifer asked what I would do when I left school.4 The doctor asked how I had known his name.5 The clerk asked if I had an appointment.6 Bernard asked his wife if she had seen his car keys.7 Isabel's brother asked why she hadn't called him.8 Richard asked James to carry his briefcase for him.9 Charles asked the receptionist when he could see the doctor.

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