Помогитееееее,номер шесть (

Помогитееееее,номер шесть (

6. Образуй однокоренное слово, подходящее по смыслу кпредложению.1. The hotel takes no (responsibility) for the loss of property.2. The (importance) of this problem is clear to everybody.3. Are you really (interested) in politics?4 He spoke in a friendly voice.5 His stories are full of (beauty) and love of nature.6 He won't come and it's no (use) asking him another time.7 The (preparations) for the party have taken about two days.8 He listened to me very (attentively) and did not interrupt.9 You have a complete (freedom) of actions but you will be in charge of the results.10 I learnt (a useful) lesson from it.11. Does he understand the (importance) of regular studies.12 Everyone was very (amused) when they heard the story.13 Each of them got (invited) to the party14. Mr. Field is a very (helpful) neighbour. You may ask him for a help whenever you are in a trouble.15 Your (proposal) will be taken into consideration as it seems to be an interesting one.16 He is (an unknown) singer, very few people have heard his songs.

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