Chess (1) ___________ one of the oldest board games. (to be) The origins of chess are uncertain, although there are a number of legends regarding its invention. In fact, chess (2) ___________ in India in the sixth or seventh century AD. (to originate) The game’s popularity quickly spread through Persia and from there (3) ___________ to Europe. (to come) The rules and pieces used in the game have undergone changes over the centuries. Modern chess owes much to the Spaniard Ruy Lopez de Segura, who in 1561 (4) ___________ the first book on how to play the game. (to write) In it, he (5) ___________the concept of ‘castling’, which had not been part of the game until then. (to introduce)

Ответ:1. is; 2. originated; 3. came; 4. wrote; 5. introduced

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