Помогите нужно найти тип предложения: вопросительный, диалог и тп The sentence and its classification. Analyze the sentences: 1. The police asked me to help them identify some thieves they thought I had seen rob a bank. 2. Pass me that pen please. 3. How many hours do you work each day? 4. How long will this go on? – Only two weeks. 5. I hope. 6. Can I have another piece of cake? 7. I don’t like this blouse. 8. I won the competition! That’s great! 9. Last year I was in England, I went to a football match, it was very interesting. 10. Is there anyone who can help me? 11. It’s wonderful to sit here with u. 12. Don’t forget your gloves, please. It’s cold outside. 13. He had to break the window to get into his car. 14. As soon as she signed the insurance, her house mysteriously burnt down. 15. It was Paul who brought me these flowers.

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