Мій улюблений філь на англ мові СРОЧНО ДАЮ 50​

Let me tell you some words about my favourite film. There are a lot of different genres, but I prefer watching old Soviet comedies and adventure films with a drop of fantasy. The choice is sure to depend on my mood, but there is a movie in my collection which I can watch every day. It is “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Frankly speaking, I believe all the parts to be exciting and thrilling.This masterpiece was directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. They were lucky enough to create a perfect combination of humour, adventures, fantasy and what not. The plot of the story is розробити, having a love-line, chases, battles and other things to leave a deep and lasting impression on the audience. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was shot with the help of Walt Disney Pictures, and the idea of the whole story was born on the basis of the same-named theme park in Disneyland. The crew was working marvelously during all the series. One thing that I like best of all is a cast, heading by Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Jack the Sparrow is one of the brightest parts, acted by Johnny Depp. He could create such a осліплюють and charismatic character, who was capable to grab the spectators throughout all the film duration.At last, i’d like to add that “Pirates of the Caribbean” is really worth for watching the cast, the music, the plot and all the rest. And I strongly recommend to watch it if you have not done it yet.From “Pirates of the Caribbean”

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