Change the verbs into past continuous tense form. 1. While I _________________________ (walk) to school, it began to rain. 2. I saw Mark at the canteen at lunchtime yesterday. He _____________ _____________ (line) up for food. 3. While I __________________________ (wash) the dishes last night, I ______ ___________ (drop) a plate. 4. I didn’t hear the phone ring because I ________________________ (have) a shower. 5. When the teacher walked into the classroom, the students ___________________________ (talk) to each other. 6. The ink finished while I ________________________________ (sign) the contract. 7. While I _________________________ (do) my homework my father came home. 8. The children ________________________ (watch) TV while their mother ___________________ _____________________ (cook) dinner in the kitchen. 9. When Kristin called Mark last night, he ______________________________ (study). 10. Mary put her hand up while the teacher ____________________________ (talk). 11. I turned the radio on while I ________________________ (make) dinner. 12. When the alarm clock rang, I ____________________________ (sleep). 13. Yesterday David _____________________________ (cross) the street when a lorry ___________ (turn) the corner very fast and almost ___________ (hit) him. 14. Last night while we ________________________________ (watch) an exciting programme, the electricity _________________________ (go) out. 15. Yesterday while I _________________________________ (clean) the house I ________________ _________________________ (find) my lost ring. 16. Yesterday I _______________ (see) an old friend while I __________________ (cross) the street. 17. My father ___________________(not watch) the road when he __________________ (hit) the car in front of him. Nobody _____________ (get) hurt. Someone _______________ (call) the ambulance. 18. Just as the postman __________________ (knock) on the door, I __________________ (leave) the house. 19. While I _____________________ (sign) the contract, the ink _______________ (finish). 20. Peter _________________________ (play) football when he ________________(break) his leg. 21. Jason ___________________________ (wear) a suit and a tie when I ______________ (see)him yesterday. 22. I _______________________ (watch) TV last night and _________________ (relax) after a long day when my new puppy __________________ (take)my wallet from my bedside table.

1. Was walking2.was lining3. Was washing4.was having5. Was talking7.was doing8.was watching; was cooking.9. Was studying10.was talking11.was making12.was sleeping13. Was crossing; turned; hit14.were watching;went out15.was cleaning; finded16. Was seeing ;was crossing17. Was not watching; hited; got hurt 18.was knoking ;leaved19.was signing ; finished20.was playing; broke21. Was wearing; saw22.was watchingHited и finded это может быть не правильно

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