Complete the sentences by changing the form of the verb inbrackets.1 If I … (be) taller, I would play in a basketball team.2 If they were more careful, that Monday accident … (happen).3 If I were you, I … (do) this work yesterday.4 If I ... (meet) him, you will be the fi rst to know.5 If our guests … (stay) a bit longer, they will be able to meet ourparents.6 If you were not in a hurry, they … (explain) everything to you.7 They … (not, invite) you to Moin the (nglish club, if they hadknown you do not speak English.8 If you … (see) them tomorrow, please, let them know I am comingthis weekend.

1)were2)would not happen 3)would do4)meet5)stay6)would explain 7)would not have invite8)извини,не знаю

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