Read the sentences and write down one W-question (When, What, Where, Who, Why) to each sentence.1. ‘I will be on holiday for the next three weeks.’2. ‘I just want to get away on holiday and let things take care of themselves really.’3. ‘For the holidays we went to our holiday house at Stewarts Gully.’4. ‘We will soon be going on holiday for a month to rest and have lots of fun.’5. ‘Let's have a two-week break and go on holiday next January.’6. ‘The holiday club runs from 8a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday during academic holidays,except Bank Holidays and Christmas.’7. ‘Our parents are good friends and as children we went on camping trips and spent holidays together.’8. ‘I'm off on holiday for a well-earned break shortly, so I'm working like mad to clear my desk before I go.’9. ‘She travelled to America on holiday for the second time in February 2001.’10. ‘When we're on holiday, because Dad travels so much, he always knows the perfect meal to order.’11. ‘I used to care for neighbours horses when they went away on holiday and travel to shows with them to help out.’12. ‘She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around Thailand for the month I was on holiday.’13. ‘Since childhood, he had spent holidays in Exeter with relatives.’14. ‘We travelled to Almaty on holiday so we could take him with us.’15. ‘Mr. Carlyle said he was touring Scotland on holiday, and that he was pleased to be in Orkney.’16. ‘We've got a four day week here due to public holidays, and as usual, I have seven days worth of work to try to cram in.’17. ‘However, unlike the USA and Canada, Kazakhstan does not celebrate the harvest with an official public holiday.’18. ‘I remember joining in the singing and general festivities of the Jubilee holiday.’19. ‘Today is one of Kazakhstan's most celebrated public holidays: December 16th, or Independence Day.’20. ‘Special and often ostentatious efforts are mounted for public holidays and festivals.’21. ‘But many groups came again and enjoyed the holiday atmosphere.’22. ‘To add the holiday atmosphere, balloons were placed on each table.’23. ‘Here at Rockefeller Center at New York City, the Christmas, or holiday spirit, is alive and well.’24. ‘My favourite working place has to be the Alps - the scenery, the fresh clean air, the calm, the holiday atmosphere.’​

1when will you be on holidays?2what do you just want?3where did we go for our holidays?4when will we be going for holiday?5what break are we going to have?6when does the holiday club run?7where did we go with our parents?8why are you working like mad?9when did she travel to America?10what meal do we order when we're on holiday11 what did I use to care for neighbors when they are away?12where did I take her?13who had he spent holiday in Exeter with?14who could we take with us to Almaty?15who said he was touring Scotland for holiday?16why have we got a four day week here?17what holiday doesn't Kazakhstan celebrate?18what do you remember?19what holiday is one of Kazakhstan's most celebrated?20what efforts are mounted for public holidays and festivals?21why did many groups come again?22what was placed on each table?23where is Christmas alive and well?24why does the Alps have to be my favourite working place?

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