1. She told me she ___________ with a girl friend to St. Leonards. a) is going b) was going c) will go d) would go 2. He informed me that he _________ Dr. Thompson who was away on holiday. a) was not seeing b) has not seen c) did not see d) had not seen 3. Father told us he __________ in a couple of days. a) is back b) would be back c) was back d) will be back 4. Mrs. Spencer kept on saying that she ___________ her husband just before his departure. a) had seen b) was seeing c) have seen d) would see 5. The hotel owner informed us that he ____________ the police already. a) is going to call b) was going to call c) has called d) had called 6. She said that it was a stupid idea and it __________. a) would not work b) did not world c) won not work d) does not work 7. Miss Marple replied that she ________ surprised at seeing the doctor depart. a) is not b) had not been c) won not be d) would not be 8. Tim and Jenny wouldn't have bought this house if they ___that a ghost lives there. a) knew b) had known 9. When are you coming back, I wonder? If I ______you are arriving late I wouldn't cook dinner so early. a) knew b) had known 10. If Tony in time he would have taken all the necessary measures. a) were warned b) had been warned 11. If the road so wet the car wouldn't have skidded. a) weren't b) hadn't been 12. If you more carefully we wouldn't have had an accident. a) drove b) had driven 13. If Meg had studied harder she would ___the University. But she is so lazy! She hadn't read a line for the exams'. a) entered b) have entered 14. Sam and Lilly would happy if you stayed with them at the weekend. a) be b) have been 15. It would nice if they had liked each other. But they didn't. What a pity! a) be b) have been 16. They would a nice couple if they got married. a) be b) have been 17. If the boss hadn't gone on a business trip he would ____ the contract, I'm sure. a) sign b) have signed 18. What would you if Nancy invited him to the party? a) say b) have said 19. If we had heard the weather forecast we wouldn't hiking. a) go b) have gone 20. If I bought him a computer he would ___games all day long. What about his lessons then? a) be playing b) have played 21. It’s wonderful they _______ to stay with us at Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing them. a) should come b) came 22. It’s strange that he _______ without saying goodbye. a) should leave b) should have left 23. She took an unreasoning dislike to me and insisted that I ________ leave the house. a) should b) would 24. Tired as we _________ be we kept on moving ahead. a) should b) might 25. We’d (be/had been) glad if the children (can/could) spend their holidays with us. The weather is beautiful. They can sunbathe, and swim, and eat fresh, homegrown food. 26. If I (knew/had known) she was coming I (would meet/would have met) her at the station. But nobody told me about that. 27. The park would (look/have looked) more beautiful if it (were/had been) spring now. 28. Don’t worry. If we (found out/had found out) anything interesting we would (inform/have informed) you immediately, I assure you. 29. It is doubtful that he (should/would) ever change his attitude towards his son-in-law. I wish it (happened/had happened). It’d be better for all of them. 30. Holms suggested that the lights (should/might) be turned off as if there (were/had been) nobody in the house.

За 5 баллов могу сделать только 5 предложений.

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