Вставить слово 1. information/ informative A. Getting Acquainted with Accounting, by John L. Carey, is a very _______ book. B. Many interested parties require specific financial_______ . 2. fulfillment/fulfill A. Before the accountant could become а С PA s/he had to___ a number of requirements. B. People there find_________ in working for a common goal. 3. record/ records A. Bookkeepers______ business transactions and periodically do a trial to see if both sides of an account match. B. Accountants analyze financial____ and decide how to present them. 4. standards/ has standardized/ standard A. There are some___ procedures for recording financial data. B. The computer department_____ its procedures for storing and retrieving data. С The North Sea oil contributed in________ of living in Britain. 5. monitored/ monitoring A. The Board of Directors exercises.________ of the project. B, The student's progress is being__________ .

1) A. informativeB. information2) A. fulfillB. fulfillment3) A. recordB. records4) A. standardB. has standardizedC. standards5) A. monitoringB. monitored

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