1. Where Do You Live? Do You Like Living There? 2. Do You Know Any Famous Writers? What Is He Famous For? 3. Which Is Your Favorite Story? 4. What Does Your Friend Look Like? 5. What Did You Last Watch On TV? 6. What’s Your Favorite TV Program? Why? 7. What Kind Of Holidays Do You Go On? 8. What’s Your Favorite Type Of Film? 9. What’s Your Favorite Film About? 10. Have You Ever Planted Trees Or Built Nesting Boxes? 11. What Are The Advantages Of Keeping Animals In Zoos? 12. What Are The Disadvantages Of Keeping Animals In Zoos? 13. What Are Your Favorite Foods? Are They Part Of A Healthy Diet? 14. What Do You Do To Cope With Stresses? 15. What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

1 I'm living in Moscow(ваш город). I am like living here because in my opinion it is the best city. 2 I know Shakespeare. He is very famous. He is famous for his poems and sonnets. 3 My favorite story is Harry Potter. 4 My best friend looks very pretty and friendly. She has got blue eyes and white curly hair. 5 A few days ago i  watched the voice. 6 Voice is my favorite program because it is very interesting. Besides this program is popular all over the world. 7- 8My favorite type of film is fiction. So my favorite film is Harry Potter. This film about little boy who becomes a magician. 10. A few days ago, i planted a tree. 11 Many zoos have breeding programs to try to helpendangered species. Also they can cure animals from diseases. 12 when people visit zoos, they don't see wild animals, but captured animals whose families still live in the wild. 13 my favorite foid is pizza. It is jung food. 14 when i want to cope with stress i usually eat. 15 when i have a headache i usually go to bed.

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