Эссе на английском языке на тему самый яркий момент в моей жизни ​

Every person had days when he was happy, and when he was sad. And also, there was a day after the incident of which, it was impossible to forget him for a long time. And I have a day that I remember most of all as the brightest and happiest day in my life.This day is a bit from my past, but still I remember it very much. I was then a little child when it was winter. It was a very snowy day - and it was New Year's Eve. on the street - the snow pours in, it is darkening, the whole family is getting ready, it is troubling, and at this time I am with my sisters, who are a little older than me, trying to figure out what they will give me. We are on a fluffy carpet - we all sit together, and delicious smells come from the kitchen. Mom bothers, Dad is going to decorate the Christmas tree, a little late, but still. And we run to help him in this. I remember the first toy in my life I then hung myself on the Christmas tree just then. The atmosphere was the most that neither is magic and warm. I still just love this holiday - the holiday of the New Year, because that evening, on the very day I remember in my life. It was my happiest day.

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