35. Larry and Gary were throwing ….. . A) peanuts to the elephants B) Peanuts to the elephants C) nuts to the animals D) food to the elephants E) peanuts to Peter 36. The ..... month of the year is May. A) five B) fourth C) third D) fifth E) four 37. Complete the proverb below: “..... have ears.” A) Houses B) Doors C) Floors D) Walls E) Windows 38. Where ..... you born? A) did B) have C) were D) are E) do 39. I don’t have nearly ..... much time for going out ..... I would like to. A) so / that B) more / than C) such / that D) too / that E) as / as 40. A famous couple in a play written by William Shakespeare is ..... . A) Othello and Ophelia B) Othello and Juliet C) Romeo and Juliet D) Romeo and Viola E) Romeo and Rosalind

35. ??36. A37. D38. A39. D40. C

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