16. I’m going to win the contest, .....? A) will I B) going I C) isn’t me D) wasn’t I E) aren’t I 17. A century and a millenium together make ..... years. A) 1001 B) 101 C) 1100 D) 110 E) 1010 18. I ..... home from work when it began to rain. A) used to drive B) am driving C) drive D) was driving E) could drive 19. Peter’s parents are away on business this week so his grandma ..... after him. A) looks B) is looking C) looked D) was looking E) look 20. Which group of letters form the plural of “life”? A) l, s, i, f B) f, s, i, l, e C) e, v, i, l D) s, i, v, e, l E) y, l, s, e, v 21. Children are ..... holiday from school in the summer. A) on B) in C) to D) at E) by 22. Merlin is a character from the Arthurian legends. What is he? A) A mermaid. B) An elf. C) A witch. D) A wizard. E) A fairy. 23. Which is the odd one out? A) refrigerator B) camera C) dishwasher D) microwave oven E) freezer 24. There isn’t ..... bread in that tin. A) many B) a bit C) some D) any E) a 25. The Mississippi, the Amazon, and the Danube are well-known ...... . A) rivers B) lakes C) seas D) countries E) towns 26. Choose the right word to complete the sentence: In a quiz show, the ….. is the person who asks the questions. A) winner B) competitor C) prize D) contestant E) quizmaster 27. Young children are often afraid ..... the dark . A) with B) for C) at D) from E) of 28. Greengrocers sell ..... . A) vegetables B) sweets C) books D) meat E) dairy products 29. Which of these is not a job? A) barber B) tailor C) cooker D) builder E) carpenter 30. Last week Susan felt sick and went to the doctor’s. Now she is ill ….. . A) over B) and C) already D) again E) too Read the following joke and answer questions 31-35: 31. The teacher went back to the elephants because ….. . A) he noticed some boys were missing B) he wanted to see the elephants again C) he heard a lot of noise behind him D) he wanted some peanuts E) he liked elephants A group of English boys went to the Zoo with their new teacher. First, they looked at the elephants. Then, as they were walking away from the elephants, they heard a lot of noise behind them. The teacher went back and found three boys fighting. He stopped them and said: “What are your names and what are you doing?” The first boy said: “My name’s Gary and I was just throwing peanuts to the elephants.” The second said: “My name’s Larry and I was throwing peanuts to the elephants, too.” The third boy said: “Well, my name’s Peter, but my friends call me Peanuts.” (Junior Comprehension, vol. 3 by Vallance D’Arcy, Longman, 2001)The teacher went back to the elephants because …….. . A) he noticed some boys were missing B) he wanted some peanuts C) he wanted to see the elephants again D) he heard a lot of noise behind him E) he liked elephants 18. Peanuts was Peter’s …….. . A) favourite food B) friend C) nickname D) favourite game E) teacher 19. The boys went to the Zoo with …….. . A) their parents B) their teachers C) their father D) their new teacher E) their grandparents 20. The three boys were making a lot of noise because …….. . A) they were hiding from the teacher B) they were laughing C) they were feeding the animals D) they were fighting E) they were playing with peanuts

16. E17. C18. D19. B20. D21. A22. D23. B24. D25. A26. D27. E28. A29. C30. D31. C18. C19. D20. D

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