Сочинение: Место которое я хочу посетить на английском (кроме Парижа, пожалуйста). 10-12 предложений.

                                 The place I want to visit is LondonIn my opinion, London is one of the most diverse and interesting cities on our planet. For this place I prepared a to-do list consisting of six important points. First of all, I would like to see Piccadilly. They say that there is especially picturesque in the evenings, thanks to the bright neon signs. Making a date near the Eros fountain, which is located in the very center of the square, has long become a tradition. I would like to see this is the London Eye. It is one of the largest and most innovative ferris wheels in the world. If I'm lucky and the weather is good, I can see many of London’s sights from above. London is my passion. I would be very happy if my dream came true.

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