If I __ (be) you, I __ (get) a new profession. 2. If Katya __ (not / be) always so late, she __ (be) promoted to the senior position. 3. If I __ (speak) perfect English, I __ (have) a better paid job. 4. If Roma __ (pass) the exam, he __ (be) able to enter our college. 5. Sveta __ (be) happier if she __ (have) better friends. 6. We __ (buy) a house if we __ (decide) to live here for good. 7. We __ (come) to the party if we __ (have) time. 8. Tanya __ (call) him if she __ (have) his mobile phone number. 9. Kirill __ (pass) the exam if he __ (study) harder. 10. We __ never __(be) late again if we __ (buy) this new car. I promise. Пжжжж

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