Употребите формы it is или there is/are в следующих предложениях. б) 1. ... a gas-stove in the kitchen. 2. ... a gas-stove. 3. ... fine today. 4. ... an underground station near my house. 5. ... nearly 11 o’clock. 6. ... a light in the window. Somebody must be at home. 7. ... no place like home. 8. ...time to go to bed. 9. ... not much furniture in our flat. 10. ... not true to say that she is a close friend of mine. 11. ... no central heating in my house. 12. ... only one cigarette in the box. 13. ... important to know the details. 14. ... fifteen students in our group. 15. ... a pity you can’t go with us. 16. ... too early to leave. 17. ... any news in the letter? 18. ... easy to understand why she is absent. 19. ... much milk in the jug. 20. ... a pity you can’t join us. 21. ... some interesting articles in the newspaper. 22. ... not very cold today.

1. There is2. It is3. It is4. There is5. It is6. There is7. There is8. It is9. There are10. It is11. There is12. There is13. It is14. There are15. It is16. It is17. Are there18. It is19. There are20. It is21. There are22. It is

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