Помогите с английским!​

Помогите с английским!​

Ответ:1.What does she do before breakfastWhat does she have for breakfastHow does she go to workWhat does she do in the eveningWhat time does she get up2On Sunday our family went to the country. We got up at the sunrise and quickly had breakfast. After the breakfast we left home. There is a lit­tle village not far from - St. Petersburg where we have - friends. We went there by - train. We had a very good time in the country. the weather was fine. the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We stayed out of - doors all - day long. We played - volleyball and - tennis. We returned to - town late in the evening. When we came - home, we had - supper and went to - bed at once.3 lives, works,has, does not live, lives, starts, does not get, does not have, plays, does not speak

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