Из прямой в косвенную речь

Из прямой в косвенную речь

Ответ:1. Ted asked me what i was cooking for dinner that night.2. Clark asked me when I had talked to Sonia.3. She asked Tim why he worked there.4. He asked me what I would order.5. The detective asked who had been watching TV the previous night.6. The police officer asked me what I had seen.7. She asked me if I had lost my mind.8. Mum asked me if I would call Jack.9. She wanted to know if I was sure.10. Eric asked me if I worked for Giordanno.11. Mum asked me if my team had won the day before.12. The detective asked me how long I had known him.13. Alice asked her brother when he had discovered the truth.14. My colleague asked me if I was doing the day shift that week.15. The police officer asked John what he had been doing the previous Friday.16. She wanted to know whose fault it was.17. She asked Allan how long he had been living in that place.18. He asked me if my sister was a vet.

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