V. Open the brackets, using the correct tense form:1. If she(to know) his phone number, she would call him next week.2. He wishes it(to be) summer now.3. The dish would have been much more tasty if she(to be) a bettercook.4. He never_(to phone) you if I hadn't reminded him to do that.5. I wish I_ (to go) to America last year.6. I'll ask Tom if I (to see) him today.7. We would go to the party if we (to have) time tomorrow.8. She would pass her exam next month if she (to work) harder.9. She wouldn't be happy if she (to meet) him at the party next Sunday.10. We'll go nowhere tomorrow if it(to rain).​

1.knew2.was3.had been4.would have phoned5.went6.see7.had8.worked9.met10.rains

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