Текст задания: Составьте диалог и монолог на заданную тему.Вариант 2Give a 2-minute talk on seasons of the year.Remember to say:how the weather changes every seasonwhat clothes people wear in different seasonswhich season is your favourite, and whywhat you enjoy doing in other seasons, and whyYou have to talk for 1.5-2 minutes. The teacher will listen until you have finished. Then s/he will ask yousome questions.You have been on a tour to Great Britain. You have 4 hours before leaving for the airport. You and yourfriend are discussing how to spend this time. You can go:to a museum• to the parkshoppingto the cinemato a café​

Ответ:The seasonsEvery 3 months the Nature change its clothes from one colour to each also people. In the summer the land is green, In the winter is white like a milk, In the Autumn is red, green, yellow and grey. But my favorite of seasons is spring. I prefer it, because in the spring The Narure is become to live, every insect, all animals rise up from long sleeping. I get pleasure to swimming in the summer, riding bicycle  in the spring, rolling on the Icein the winter and make herbary in the autumn. I love to watch how seasons are changed, it gives ve a hope, that I change my life to better way.Объяснение:

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