Carl Ronald Giles is actually one of the most famous British cartoonists. Born in 1917, he (1) _______________ brought up in London where his father had a shop. (to be) At fourteen he (2) _______________ school and started work in a cartoon animation studio. (to leave) Bored with this, in 1937, he and two friends (3) _______________ all over Britain. (to wander) They (4) _______________ the accordion and draw sketches in pubs so that they could get enough money to eat. (to play) Then Giles went back to work as a cartoonist and his big chance came in 1943 when he (5) _______________ the ‘Daily Express’ as a war correspondent and cartoonist. (to join)

Ответ:1. was2. left3. wandered4. played5. joinedОбъяснение:

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