Put the verb into the correct form, present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple or present perfect continuous. Если можно, все три задания, или хотя бы первые два.

Put the verb into the correct form, present

11 isn't raining2 do you do3 is wearing4 have been doing5 have been playing6 you have been7 we haven't had8 is being9 has grown10 has been running21 I don't understand what he is speaking about.2 John has been writing the composition but he hasn't finished it yet.3 He is playing the piano.4 I hope Mary will come out of the hospital soon.5 My parents have been working for this company since 2001.6What do you think of this book? Have you read it?7 Right8 John has been to the USA many times before.9 тут первые два предложения верные, а в третьем ошибка: I have been doing it for three hours.10 Right31 Have you ever been to London? - No, I haven't but I've read a lot of books about this city and its history.2 My father works at the bank. He has been working there for five years.3 You are always coming late! We have already done everything ourselves.4 It has been raining for three days. - This is hardly surprising. It always rains at this time of the year.5 Do you know this woman? - Yes, I do. She's a famous actress.6 What are you talking about? - I don't understand anything.7 He is staying in the Russia hotel. He always stays there when he comes to Moscow.8 The boy has already done his homework and now he's going for a walk.9 Have you seen Jack today? I have been waiting for him for a a good hour, but he hasn't come to work yet.10 Mary usually makes sandwiches for breakfast but today she's making porridge.

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