ManchesterIV. Open the brackets, using the correct tense form:1. You would have had stomach ache if you (eat)too much of that cake.2. If it (rain)this afternoon, I would take my umbrella.3. If you did not drive carefully, you (have)an accident.4. If you (study)for a higher qualification, you would get a betterjob next year.5. If you (send)the letter by first class mail, she would get it thefollowing day.6. If we had gone there later, we (see)them.7. If they had called at the office yesterday, they (find) _me there.8. If I had seen him yesterday, I (tell)him about it.9. If he were here I (speak)to him.10. I wish he (be)younger now.​

1.had eaten2.rained3.would4.studied5.sent6.would have seen7.would have found8.would have told9.spoke10.was

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