Кто-нибудь помогите помогите по английсклому 1 … talks were difficult and they lasted for many hours. the an - a 2 Peter swims (well) of all. better good best wellest 3 I think we can deliver the machines … four lots … 25 machines each … regular intervals … eight months at,by,in,of on,in,at,by in,of,at,within from,in,with,on 4 He (to ask) a passerby to show him the way there was asking asked will ask have asked 5 As soon as he (to come) in London he wiil call his mother. comes will come was coming came 6 Bell and C are interested … the Model 25 machines. on at of in 7 She plays tennis (badly) than her friends. worst worse badlier badly 8 I do not know if the company (to give) us a discount. give gave will give gives 9 If Bell and Co (to agree) to buy 50 compressors we (to give) the British company a 5\% discount. will agree, will give agrees, gave\ agreed, gave agree, will give 10 He (to clarify) some business matters with the customers now. clarifys is clarifying has clarified clarified 11 The film guaranteed the delivery … each lot … any delay. of, without in, of -, by of, in 12 When I arrived home yesterday Marta (to watch) TV. was watching watches has watch watched 13When I arrived in London it (to rain) heavily. rained rains was raining will rain 14 There will be ...new concert hall in our district next month. an a the - 15 I’m afraid we cannot do it … the moments as we are heavy … orders -,in at, with with, at by, of 16 I (not to be) to the cinema for a long time. hasn't been were not haven't been was not 17 Try on this pair for ...size. an a the - 18 Only then I (can) choose what I (to want). could, wanted can, want can, will want could, want 19 I (to work) in the garden since morning. worked has worked work have been working 20 I just (to look through) the morning mail and now I am going to write some letters. looked look has looked have looked 21Breakfast is the first meal ...day. in off on of 22 There is a large choice of dishes on the menu of ...Prague restaurant. an - the a 23 How long ...you (to learn) these words? have been learning was learning has been learning will learn 24You should put ...a coat. It's cold outside. on - of off 25 I (to call) you as soon as I come home. will call have call calls call 26Don't be angry ...me. with on of in

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Кто-нибудь помогите помогите по английсклому 1 …
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