Ex. 18. Read the article quickly and give a short summary of it: Ernst Weber (1795—1878) was born in Wittemburg, Germany, thethird of 13 children. He received his doctorate from the University ofLeipzig in 1815, in physiology. He began teaching there after graduation,and continued until he retired in 1871. His research focused on the senses of touch and kinesthesia. He wasthe first to show the existence of kinesthesia, and showed that touch wasa complex sense composed of senses for pressure, temperature and pain. His chosen interests led him to certain techniques: first, there is the two-point threshold, which is a matter of measuring the smallest distancenoticeable to touch at various parts of the body. For example, the tonguehad the smallest threshold (1 mm), and the back had the largest (60 mm). This is known as Weber’s Law, and is the first such “law” relating aphysical stimulus with a mental experience. Ernst Weber also named and studied discipline psychophysics, whichhe defined as the study of the systematic relationships between physicalevents and mental events. In 1860 he published The Elements ofPsychophysics. In this work Weber showed that psychological events are tied to measurable physical events in a systematic way, which everyone atthat time thought impossible.

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