ПОМОГИТЕ С АНГЛИЙСКИМ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений, подходящие по смыслу: architecture, artists, centered, enforced, European, foreign, invasion, palace, rule, traditions A. The course of Russian art and 1_____________________ reflects the country’s contacts with, and isolation from, other 2______________________ and cultures. Initially, when political life was 3______________________ around Kiev, Byzantine art and architecture provided the norms, but this tie was disrupted by the Mongol (Tatar) 4___________________. Liberation from Mongol 5____________________ by the theocratic and semi-Asiatic rulers who resided in the Kremlin 6______________________ in Moscow did not bring with it any close 7_____________________ connections, and Russia never experienced the European Renaissance. Beginning with the 8______________________ Westernization under Peter I, however, Russian 9______________________ and architects were strongly influenced by the 10______________________ mainstream. collapse, contributions, creative, culture, developed, freedom, obligatory, peak, school, traits B. Among the distinctive 1______________________ of Russian artistic expression have been exuberant colour, rich ornamentation, asymmetry of form, and a taste for both literal representation and abstraction. Religious art, which reached its 2______________________ during the 1400s, predominated until the late 17th century. The 19th century realist movement 3______________________ into an inward-looking Russian nationalist 4______________________, consciously challenging Western style and content. This introspection, however, encouraged the 5______________________ outburst of the early 20th century, when the Russian avant-garde made pioneering 6______________________ to modern Western art and architecture. During the 1930s the Stalinization of 7______________________ imposed isolation, and the Russian realism of the preceding century served as the model for the 8______________________ official Soviet style, enforced through an elaborate network of state controls. The 9_____________________ of the Communist system and the disintegration of the USSR in 1991 gave Russian artists and architects new 10____________________ of expression, association, and unlimited contacts with the rest of the world

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