ПОМОГИТЕ С АНГЛИЙСКИМ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений подходящие по смыслу и употребив их в грамматически правильной форме: scarcity, repeal, cause, enterprise, affect, claim, decline, equal, total, decline (v), legal actions, ownership, currency, add, framework, rate, inflation, suffer from, inflationary, per, investments l. Average cost is ______________________ both by the prices of inputs and by their productivity. 2. ______________________ is defined as the unit of ownership and control. 3. Our new bottling machine can fill l000 bottles ______________________ hour. 4. The poor performance of the collective farms in the USSR in the early years of centralisation appears to have been an important fact in the decision to maintain some private ______________________ of land. 5. These studies seem to indicate that the size ______________________ of plants in British industry is such that they are able to take an advantage of such scale economies as are available. 6. The sales director ______________________ to have found three new customers. 7. Other things being ______________________, an increase in wage rates will increase the cost of labour relative to the costs of the other factors. 8. The demand for bread has been ______________________ in Western Europe for several years. 9. If a country is ___________________ inflation, a floating ___________________ may remove some of the pressure on the government to deal with the problem. 10. In times of ______________________ the governments can use price controls to regulate the prices for such items as foodstuffs and gasoline. 11. If goods are faulty when you first inspect or use them, go back to the shop, say that you ______________________ the purchase and ask for complete refund. 12. The degree to which changes in price ______________________ changes in quantity demanded is called elasticity of demand. 13. In case of abuses governments take ______________________ to restrict or halt illegal business activities. 14. 29$ million were ____________________ back from _____________________ and GKN’s share of profits in related companies. 15. To help predict expansion or ______________________ of the economy, government economies identified a number of indicators. 16. Even when the additional government spending is financed from the taxation the effect may still be ______________________. 17. The ______________________ performance of the economy is now accepted as a major responsibility of the government. 18. The depreciation of the _________________ will make import dearer, and if the demand for them is inelastic, this could give rise to cost-push __________________.

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