PRENENTIVF DENTISTRY.. Preventive dentistry includes cleaning the teeth, removing plaque, and advising patients how to brush teeth properly and how to use dental loss (a thread which removes food particles trapped between the teeth). Studies have shown that tooth decay is decreasing mans countries as a result of preventixe dentistry, inproved dict, dental eare, and the use of fluoride. Fluoride a substance which can reduce tooth decav, and can be incorporated in the tooth enamel by taking tablets or drops, or by using a nuoride toothpaste. It occurs naturally in some drinking water but is also added artificially in a ratio of one part per millhon. fecth. thet using braces and The form of treatment known as orthodontics invoives first raving a other devices to straigthen them, 1o even out any gaps, anl to make the teeth. gums and jaws work correctly. Задайте пожалуйста 5 вопросов, общий, альтернативный, спец, разделтельный и к подлежащему

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