Ответе на вопросы, обращая внимание на на употребление оборота there is (there are) 10. How many mistakes were there in your last test? 11. Were there many students at the lecture yesterday? 12. Was there an institute in your home town ten years ago? 13. Was there an interesting film on TV yesterday evening? 14. Will there be a concert for students on holidays? 15. How many pages are there in this book? 16. Was there a heavy rain last week?

10. There were 2 mistakes in my last test.11. There were a lot of students yestarday at the lecture.12. There weren't an instituteten years ago in my home town.13. There wasn't an interesting film yesterday evening on TV.14. There will be a concert for students on holidays.15. There 254 pages in this book.16. There was a heavy rain last week.

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