5. A) Match the words with similar meanings. 1) to evolve A) material 2) incipient B) speed 3) vigorously C) to remove 4) to happen D) to react with oxygen 5) substance E) starting 6) to eliminate F) strongly 7) combustibility G) to give off 8) fire H) flammability 9) to oxidize I) combustion 10) rate J) to occur B) Match the words with opposite meanings. 1) to cool A) weak 2) to cease B) insufficient 3) flammable C) to heat 4) to extinguish D) slow 5) to raise E) to reduce 6) to accelerate F) to begin 7) rapid G) to ignite 8) incipient H) final 9) sufficient I) non-flammable 10) vigorous j) to slow down

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