Можете помочь раскрыть скобки

Можете помочь раскрыть скобки

1 where does your brother go every day? He goes to music school.Why? I saw him yesterday.He was walking somewhere with two other boys.They were talking about computers.I think they were going to the computer really?I will tell mother about it.I think she will be very angry.2 .........Who is speaking?Nina is speaking.What are you doing now?I'm preparing for my English test.We are writing it tomorrow.I'm sure you will write it well. You always get a 5 for English.......It is beautiful outside:the sun is shining and the snow is falling.3 Pam was late ......... When she came into the class,the teacher was playing the piano and the children were singing a song:they were preparing for the concert.

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