Помогите пожалуста Составить 10 предложений на английском языке о известных датах (День победы, Октябрьская революция, Первая мировая война и тд.)

1. Victory Day was first hold in Moscow, at 1945, after surrender of Germany.2. First World War is infamous for its numerous victims of gas attacks, and started at 1914 by Germany.3. The October Revolution took place on 1917 and was led by the Bolshevik party, whose leaders were Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Kalinin and Bukharin.4. Civil War in Russia started after the October Revolution and was lasting for four years, until Vladivostok fell to the Red Army.5. Sergei Kirov was shot at the Smolny Institute on 1934, and it caused massive repression against dissidents.6. Joseph Stalin died at the age of 74, on 1953, and was succeeded by Malenkov.7. Juri Gagarin became first human into outer space at the 1961.8. Soviet-Afghan War was started by Brezhnev in 1979 and laster over nine years, causing about a million victims among civilians. 9. At the 1980 the Olympics took place in Moscow, and a lot of foreign sportsmen came there to participate.10. Belovezha Accords were signed at 1991 and caused Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to leave Soviet Union.

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