Нужно предложения из прямой речи перевести в косвенную, хотя бы половину. Пожалуйста, помогите! Спасибо большое, если найдутся добрые люди..<3Alex: Hello. My name is Alex.Rosy: I am glad to meet you, Alex.Alex: And what is your name?Rosy: My name is Rosalinda. But my friends call me Rosy for short.Alex: It's nice to meet you, Rosy. How old are you?Rosy: I am 19 years old. Where do you come from, Alex?Alex: I am from Poland.Rosy: What is the capital of your country?Alex: The capital of Poland is Warsaw.Rosy: Do you live in Warsaw?Alex: No, I don't. I live in a small town in the South of Poland. And where are you from, Rosy?Rosy: I am from the Russian Federation. The capital of Russia is Moscow. Have you ever been there?Alex: No, I haven't been to Moscow.Rosy: It's a pity. Do you speak Russian?Alex: Yes, I speak Russian a little bit. But I prefer to speak English as I know it much better than Russian.Rosy: That sounds great! Will you come to visit me next year?Alex: If you want, I will come.Rosy: Yeah, I'd really enjoy it. What is your favourite musical band?Alex: I like to listen to different types of music beginning with heavy metal and ending with jazz or country.Rosy: Do your friends listen to the same music?Alex: Unfortunately, they don't. They like rap. Sometimes they say to me, "Turn off that awful music!".Rosy: Is it offensive?Alex: Frankly speaking, no. I love my friends. We are fond of spending our free time together.Rosy: How often do you go to cafes or restaurants with your friends?Alex: Not very often. We prefer going for a walk to sitting at the cafe.Rosy: Cool. And Alex, do you have a girlfriend?Alex: Oh, I think, I really like one girl but I don't know if she likes me too.Rosy: Why don't you just ask her about her attitude?Alex: I'm afraid of her answer.Rosy: Oh, it's clear. But I wish you good luck.Alex: Thank you, Rosy. And do you have a boyfriend?Rosy: Yeah, I do. He is a little bit older than I am and much wiser.Alex: How does he look like?Rosy: He is very handsome. He has hazel eyes, brown hair and a soft voice. His hands are warm and caring. Alex: Did he say that he loves you?Rosy: Yes, he says it every day. I'm happy with him.Alex: I'm happy to hear it. You are a good girl.Rosy: Alex, can you describe your appearance?Alex: Of course, I can. I have big green eyes, fair hair and a brawny figure.Rosy: Do you go in for sports?Alex: Yes. I'm good at football and volleyball, and my hobby is tennis. Rosy: Wow! It's great!Alex: Thank you. Do you play any musical instruments?Rosy: Yes, I do. I play the piano and I'm learning how to play the guitar now.Alex: Is it difficult?Rosy: I think no. But I really have passion for music. Maybe that's why it is very easy for me.Alex: Alright, I understand.Rosy: Alex, sorry, but I have to go. My parents call me to have supper.Alex: When will you return?Rosy: I think tomorrow I will be here.Alex: I will wait for you.Rosy: It was a pleasure to talk with you, Alex. I feel that we may become good friends.Alex: I hope so. Please, come tomorrow.Rosy: Let's organize a singing contest here.Alex: Ok, I will be ready with my best song for you. Goodbye, Rosy.Rosy: Bye, Alex. Don't miss me too much.

Ответ:He greeted her and said his name was Alex.Rosy said she was glad to meet Alex.Alex asked what her name was.She told him that her name was Rosalinda but that her friends called her Rosy for short.Alex said it was nice to meet Rosy and asked how old she was.Rosy told him that she was 19 years old and asked him where he came from.Alex answered that he was from Poland.Rosy wanted to know what the capital of his country was.Alex told her that the capital of Poland was Warsaw.Rosy asked if he lived in Warsaw.Alex replied that he didn't. He said he lived in a small town in the South of Poland. He wanted to know where Rosy was from.Rosy explained that she was from the Russian Federation. She said that Moscow was the capital of Russia and asked him if he had ever been there.Alex told her that he hadn't been to Moscow.Rosy said it was a pity and asked him if he spoke Russian.Alex answered that he spoke Russian a little bit but that he preferred to speak English as he knew it much better than Russian.Rosy said that sounded great and asked if he would come to visit her the following year.Alex said if she wanted, he would come.Rosy said she'd really enjoyed that and asked what his favourite musical band was.Alex told her he liked to listen to different types of music beginning with heavy metal and ending with jazz or country.Rosy asked whether his friends listened to the same music.Alex replied that they didn't, unfortunately, that they liked rap. He said sometimes they told him to turn that awful music off.Rosy asked if it was offensive.Alex replied that it was not. He told her that he loved his friends and that they were fond of spending their free time together.Rosy asked how often he went to cafes or restaurants with his friends.Alex told her that not very often. He said they preferred going for a walk to sitting at the cafe.Rosy said it was cool and asked if Alex had a girlfriend.Alex replied that he thought he really liked one girl but didn't know if she liked him too.Rosy wanted to know why he didn't ask her about her attitude.Alex told her that he was afraid of her answer.Rosy said it was clear but wished him good luck.Alex thanked Rosy and asked if she had a boyfriend.Rosy said she did. She told him that he was a little bit older than she was and much wiser.Alex wanted to know how he looked like.Rosy said that he was very handsome and had hazel eyes, brown hair and a soft voice. That his hands were warm and caring.Alex asked if he had told her that he loved her.Rosy replied that he told her that every day and that she was happy with him.Alex said he was happy to hear that. He told her that she was a good girl.Rosy asked if Alex could describe his appearance.Alex replied that of course he could. He said he had big green eyes, fair hair and brawny figure.Rosy asked if he went in for sports.Alex told her he was good at football and volleyball, and his hobby was tennis.Rosy said it was great.Alex thanked her and asked if she played any musical instruments.Rosy told him she did. She said that she played the piano and that she was learning how to play the guitar at that time.Alex asked if it was difficult.Rosy replied that she didn't think so. She said that she really had passion for music and that mayby that's why it was very easy for her.Alex said he understood.Rosy told him that she was sorry, but she had to go, and that her parents called her to have supper.Alex asked when she would return.Rosy replied that she thought the next day she would be there.Alex said he would wait for her.Rosy told him that it had been a pleasure to talk with Alex and that she felt that they might become good friends.Alex said he hoped so and asked her to come the next day.Rosy suggested that they should organize a singing contest there.Alex said he would be ready with his best song for her. He told Rosy goodbye.Rosy said bye to Alex. She told him not to miss her too much.

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