1. Dogs are ... the cats. A) biger B) bigger C) the biggest 2. My sister is as ... as my brother. A) younger B) young C) the youngest 3. He expects ... to come on Sunday. A) I B) my C) me 4. Our mum would like ... to take care of our cat. A) them B) us C) we 5. While we ... the road I saw Victor. A) crossed B) were crossing C) had crossed 6. While Tom ... the dinner, the phone rang. A) was cooking B) cooks C) will cook 7. The news ... good. A) are B) be C) is 8. Were you at school last Sunday? A) No, I wasn't B) I wasn't at school last Sunday C) Wasn't at school 9. He ... a comic every day. A) read B) is reading C) reads 10. I ... a new bike next week A) bought B) have bought C) will buy 11. I ... a letter now. A) write B) am writing C) writes 12. Look at him! He ... . A) is swimming B) swam C) swims 13. We ... abroad last summer. A) travel B) travels C) travelled 14. Do you have ... sweets in your hand? A) some B) any C) something 15. I see two ... on the bench. A) women B) womens C) woman Помогите пожалуйста решить)


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