Вставьте в предложения ниже been или gone: 1. Where are your parents? They are here. They ... in the countryside, and now they have returned. 2. ... you and your friend ... in France? Yes, we were there three years ago. 3. Where is Elizabeth? I don’t know, she ... ... 4. Andrew ... ... to London. I phoned him yesterday. 5. My boy friend ... ... to Ireland. I miss him! 6. ... you ever ... on the skating-rink in the center of the city? Yes, I hav. 7. Sorry, I can’t speak, I ... ... to this new night club.The music is too loud here! 8. My cat ... ... in Japan with me.It didn’t want to return.

1. gone 2.been3.gone4. been5.gone6.been,gone7.been8.been

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