Поставьте глагол в скобках в форму Past Simple. 1. Mary ___ (be) in the street at six a.m. 2. Jake ___ (come) to the supermarket at 5 p.m. 3. They ___ (be) in their apartment when the police ___ (come). 4. He ___ (have) to learn 100 words a day. 5. We ___ (lose) a lot of time yesterday. 6. We ___ (be) in the supermarket when the rain ___ (begin). 7. Mary ___ (run) to see her best friend at the museum. 8. He ___ (show) them their house last week. 9. Bed and breakfast at this hotel ___ (cost) 50 dollars per night last year. 10. The customs officer ___ (have) to examine Mr. Brown`s bag. 11. We ___ (can) meet them at the station last Thursday. 12. Mr. Smith ___ (eat) five apples at breakfast. 13. They ___ (have) to buy a new car on Tuesday. 14. I ___ (can) find friends in Australia last year. 15. Jake ___ (lose) an important paper in the office. 16. Mary ___ (have) to stay at her friends` house. 17. They ___ (have) dinner after Jake ___ (come) from work. 18. Mr. Smith ___ (be) a General Executive of the company five years ago. 19. I ___ (can) eat a lot of oranges when I ___ (be) younger. 20. We ___ (have) to turn at the traffic lights.

1 was             2 came3 were, came   4 had5 lost             6 were, begun7 run              8 showed9 cost             10 had11 could            12 ate13 had              14 could15 lost              16 had17 had, came   18 was19 could, was  20 had

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