Нужно из прямой, переделать в косвенную. Товарищи, спасите годовая оценка, повисла)))) 1. Masha said, " Iwill see you in the morning". 2. Boris said. " I go to the south every year". 3. He said."I am going to a ski resort tomorrow". 4. Ann said to us "They haven't come yet" 5. She said to us," They arrived in St Petersburg yesterday". 6.They asked us;"Will you help us" 7. Mary asked; "Why don't you want to swim in the pool,Sam?" 8.The doctor said to Sam;"Don't eat meat!" 9.Nick said, "I have never been to London." 10.He said,"I will not stay with my friends too long" 11.He said tj me ,"They are staying at the Grand Hotel Europe" 12.He said,"They left last Monday." 13.She said, "You can leave the key with the maid upstairs." 14.I asked; "Do you like this dinner, Nick?" 15.Masha asked me;"What university are you going to enter?" 16.The customer said to the shop-assistant ;"Show me tnis sweater, please!"

16.The customer said to the shop-assistant to s how him/her that sweater. Объяснение:

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