Task 8. Open the brackets and put the verbs into Past Simple or Past Perfect. 1. I ______________ (to know) that my friend _________________________ (not to come) yet. 2. When I _________________ (to wake up) yesterday, father already _____________ (to go) to work. 3. Tom _________________ (to think) that his father ___________________ (not to come) home yet. 4. Mary ____________________ (to tell) us that she __________________ (to cook) a good dinner. 5. Yesterday I _____________________ (to find) the book which I _______________ (to lose) in summer. 6. When father ________________ (to return) from work, we already _____________ (to do) our homework. 7. Kate ________________ (to give) me the book which she _____________ (to buy) the day before. 8. Nick ______________ (to show) the teacher the picture which he ______________ (to draw). 9. The boy _______________ (to give) the goats the grass which he ______________ (to bring) from the field. 10. When we _____________ (to come) to the station, the train _______________ (not to leave) yet. Task 9. Answer the following questions. 1. Who works on a bus? 2. Who works in a school? 3. Who writes books? 4. Who works in a hospital? 5. Who works in a restaurant? 6. Who works with the doctor? 7. Who repairs cars? Task 10. Match the nouns (1-11) with the nouns (a-k) to make word combinations with uncountable nouns. Don’t forget about ‘of’. Example: a bag of sugar 1. a loaf 2. a bottle 3. a slice 4. a liter 5. a glass 6. a bar 7. a jar 8. a kilo 9. a tube 10. a tin 11. a plate a) cheese b) toothpaste c) soup d) sardines e) bread f) lemonade g) meat h) wine i) soap j) orange jam k) chocolate

knew , hadn’t come Woke up , had gone Thought , hadn’t come Told , had cooked Found, had lose Returned, had done Have, had bought Showed, had drawn Gave, had brought Came, hadn’t left Task 9. 1 bus driver 2 teacher 3 writer 4 doctor 5 cook6 nurse7 mechanic

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